REVIEW: Shazam (2019)

In an age where cinematic universes dominate the movie industry, there’s very little margin for error. With the Marvel Cinematic Universe holding a hegemonic hold over the box office, the DCEU has valiantly tried to squeeze into this ubiquitous movement, albeit to no avail. Let’s face it, the DC Extended Universe has given us some shockers since its inception. But for every┬áSuicide Squad…or Batman vs. … Continue reading REVIEW: Shazam (2019)

My Oscars 2019 Predictions

Well, what a shit show we have on our hands.┬áNo host. No female director nominations. No recognition for “Leave No Trace”. Okay, the last one is a personal omission, but it’s undeniable that the buzz surrounding the forthcoming Acadamy Awards ceremony is a little toxic. With films like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Vice” and even “Green Book” being tainted with unshakable notoriety, there’s plenty for people to … Continue reading My Oscars 2019 Predictions